From Exilent
v10.5.0 (25 Jul 2021)
- added basic overlays customization for recorder/screenshots/mirroring
- added dscim timer for players
- added dspear timer for players
- added dspear timer for own player
- added tile highlighting for players
- moved timers selection of players to the settings
- improved freeze/bind timers in spearing scenarios
- disabled team capes overlay in clan wars 
- adjusted challenge timer, disabled it inside clan wars
- fixed selection for overwrite buttons in xp tracker
- fixed rsn renaming on trade requests/challenges
v10.4.1 (11 Jul 2021)
- improved bind and freeze timer
- fixed sorting items by modified date in media browser
v10.4.0 (4 Jul 2021)
- readded xp tracker, fully reworked it
- added option to warn on/disable strength mode
- renamed Channel button to Friends in the chatbox
- removed unused bh target player group
- fixed friends chat log content
- fixed flickering of texts in friends chat/clan chat tab
v10.3.0 (30 May 2021)
- clan chat:
 * renamed channel chat to friends chat
 * added clan chat and clan options to Friendly players
 * added counter for in-range/online members in the channel
 * added Clan chat window with members, stats and logs
 * added Lookup and Hop-to actions
 * added join/leave messages
 * added clan hall to locations
 * added logging
- reorganized tabs in settings, sorted them alphabetically
- removed xp tracker
v10.2.6 (29 May 2021)
- quick fix after update
v10.2.5 (23 May 2021)
- readded freeze timer
- readded multi lines
- fixed challenge timers and notifications
v10.2.4 (21 May 2021)
- added setting for screenshot timestamp
- fixed screenshot timestamp position
v10.2.3 (20 May 2021)
- fixed rsn renamer
v10.2.2 (19 May 2021)
- quick fix after update
- renamed existing Clan chat to Channel chat
v10.2.1 (23 Apr 2021)
- fixed rsn renaming for names with whitespaces
v10.2.0 (23 Apr 2021)
- added rsn renaming
- added dragon scimitar special timer
- redesigned world tracker
- redesigned items sidebar
- unknown teams are now displayed when using clan names mode for team capes overlay
- fixed pvp tracker in single plus combat zones
- fixed pvp tracker overlays disappearing immediately on fight endings
- removed showing values for selected ground items
v10.1.2 (14 Apr 2021)
- quick fix after update
v10.1.0 (24 Mar 2021)
- added pvp tracker
- added option to keep camera position on hopping
- added key actions for toggling ground item overlays
- added guthix rest doses overlay
- added divine bastion timer
- added Open Wiki button to LMS rewards shop
- added tags to LMS worlds in worlds sidebar
- fixed idle time notification
v10.0.4 (24 Feb 2021)
- quick fix after update
v10.0.3 (31 Jan 2021)
- turned off snowing animation on login screen
- fixed ordering screenshots in media browser on linux/mac
v10.0.2 (21 Jan 2021)
- fixed remembering slightly off-screen frame positions
- fixed anti drag settings
- fixed clan chat xp tracker import
v10.0.1 (11 Jan 2021)
- fixed closing clan chat manager
v10.0.0 (8 Jan 2021)
- added current world ping overlay
- added option to highlight xp drops with high hits
- added option to include friend/ignore list within snipes
- added option to hide rsn on screenshots
- added option to disable sound on screenshots
- right-click menu highlights became overlays, meaning that they can be hidden now on screenshots/videos/mirroring
- improved automated hiscores lookup for team capes and loot sniper
- deadman, leagues and beta worlds are excluded now from Member worlds only filter in worlds sidebar
- ground items settings are split now, so overlays and right-click menu highlights can be toggled separately
- ground items are no longer highlighted in right-click menus in LMS
- some player groups are turned off now in LMS and clan wars
- some features are turned off now in soul wars
- yes is the primary option now in confirmation dialogs
- fixed client frames appearing off-screen
- fixed hiding rsn in mirroring while hopping
v9.6.3 (18 Dec 2020)
- fixed connection to server
- improved performance
v9.6.2 (14 Dec 2020)
- added snowing animation on login screen
- added special attack in f2p LMS
- added prayer book layout for LMS
- added option to disable screenshots in LMS
v9.6.1 (2 Nov 2020)
- fixed hiding world in mirroring
v9.6.0 (25 Oct 2020)
- added menu entry swapper for items
- tile marker tiles can now be added/removed in right-click menu while holding down ctrl
- auto login improvements:
 * added option to save login infos
 * auto login can now handle unlimited accounts
- mirroring improvements:
 * added option to hide rsn
 * added option to hide world
 * off screen mouse is now hidden
- added option to hide rsn in recordings
- added more zooming speed values
- npc/player overhead texts are now hidden with entity hider 2D
v9.5.4 (17 Sep 2020)
- fixed defense mode disabling for defensive autocast
v9.5.3 (4 Sep 2020)
- added more animation ids for sotd timer
- sotd timer on our player wont get removed on weapon switch anymore
v9.5.2 (30 Aug 2020)
- recording devices can now be selected for system audio and microphone
- removed volume boost for audio recorder
- renamed Bounty Hunter references to Target
v9.5.1 (26 Aug 2020)
- quick fix after update
v9.5.0 (4 Aug 2020)
- added lms to hiscores sidebar
- improved clipping areas in resized mode
- overlays get drawn now on transparent game interfaces
- worlds sidebar improvements:
 * worlds get initialized now on startup
 * worlds can be switched now on the login screen too
- fixed sotd timer
v9.4.6 (16 Jul 2020)
- quick fix after update
v9.4.5 (30 Jun 2020)
- reverted some gui changes to fix client maximizing issue
v9.4.4 (28 Jun 2020)
- fixed player kill loot tracker for bh world
v9.4.3 (27 Jun 2020)
- fixed player kill loot tracker
v9.4.2 (23 Jun 2020)
- added warning about in-game keybinding being overridden
v9.4.1 (22 Jun 2020)
- fixed gametab keys
v9.4.0 (21 Jun 2020)
- reworked keys:
 * added key remapper: can remap keys/key combinations
 * in-game keybinding is now accessible in the client settings
 * any key combinations (ctrl/alt) can be selected now for client actions
 * added new client actions: toggle menu bar checkboxes, quick hop up/down
- video recorder improvements:
 * file size limit is set to 2GB
 * after limit is reached, file gets saved and a new recording starts automatically
- video player improvements:
 * added 1 minute jump forward/backward buttons to video player
 * it is now possible to jump forward/backward while the video is playing
 * it is now possible to do selection by interacting with the slider
 * fixed opening large video files (by adding 2GB limit)
 * fixed slow video playback
- added new themes
v9.3.3 (18 Jun 2020)
- quick fix after update
v9.3.2 (4 May 2020)
- added dmm tournament to hiscores (TDMM)
v9.3.1 (3 May 2020)
- entity hider improvements:
 * added tile indicator for own player when hiding entity
 * added entity hider to the menubar
 * other player entities are now drawn on own player's tile
v9.3.0 (3 May 2020)
- added entity hider
- added ability to pin worlds to top in the worlds sidebar
- added notes for callers/snipes
- added caching for player equipments
- separated friends/ignores and added stats lookup table
- merged settings and names in callers/snipes sidebar
- updated bh shop items overlay
- fixed increasing pked item quantity over 65k
- fixed lookup for players with emblems
v9.2.2 (27 Mar 2020)
- added total level to stats table in clan chat manager
- fixed ctrl+v on login screen
v9.2.1 (8 Feb 2020)
- reverted venge usage detection changes
- world tracker improvements:
 * fixed color scheme
 * worlds can be hopped to now on double click
v9.2.0 (1 Feb 2020)
- added icons for the sidebar tabs
- added loots sidebar showing kills of the current client session
- added risk value overlay to Items Kept on Death screen (opens price checker on clicking it)
- improved venge usage detection on other players
- improved lookup menu in stats sidebar
- wiki icon is now removed when using the old orbs layout
v9.1.0 (19 Jan 2020)
- added bh shop item overlays for displaying value/point
- added ping button to worlds sidebar (left click to refresh, right click to clear)
- moved the checkbox for skipping high risk worlds with +/- to the settings
- worlds filter is now saved on exit
- fixed tracking bh target kills
- fixed tb timer
- tb timers on players are now removed on death
- disabled snowing animation
v9.0.4 (30 Dec 2019)
- fixed undesired right-click Attack actions
v9.0.3 (16 Dec 2019)
- fixed Lookup and Hop-to actions
v9.0.2 (8 Dec 2019)
- added error message for game loading failure
- added setting for turning off snowing
- fixed sound on pneck breaking
v9.0.1 (5 Dec 2019)
- added snowing animation on login screen
- fixed hiscores
v9.0.0 (1 Dec 2019)
- removed pro version, made all features available to everyone
- fixed overlapping freeze/venge indicators
v8.8.4 (23 Nov 2019)
- fixed bh target getter
- fixed overlays for rune pouch (i)
- twisted worlds are now marked and excluded from +1/-1 hopping
- loading the client wont fall back to world 302 on failure anymore

v8.8.3 (15 Nov 2019)
- readded prayer book customization
v8.8.2 (15 Nov 2019)
- fixed bh target getter
- fixed bh stats lookup
v8.8.1 (11 Nov 2019)
- fixed right-click menu highlighting
v8.8.0 (7 Nov 2019)
- removed the following features:
 * player related menu entry swaps, except the one for pvp safe zones, made it default off
 * timer on freeze indicator
 * timer on player deaths
 * attackers overlay
 * enemy and friendly counters
 * combat and defense filters for enemy players
 * pile finder
 * multi lines
 * zulrah helper
 * spellbook customization
 * prayer book customization
v8.7.1 (31 Oct 2019)
- quick fix after update
v8.7.0 (31 Oct 2019)
- added Hop-to action to clan chat, friends tab and chatbox
- added double click hopping to Worlds sidebar
- Callers and Snipes are now included in Enemy and Friendly counters
- reorganized Settings
 * duplicated items from Overlays menu to the Settings
 * added categories to Overlays
 * merged columns in team cape table
- moved Names of Snipes/Callers in Players sidebar
- made No option default in dangerous confirmation dialogs
v8.6.1 (9 Oct 2019)
- fixed missing directory on saving gifs
- fixed saving imgur links for gifs on manual upload
v8.6.0 (29 Sep 2019)
- added search with highlighting in settings
- added option to display all jewelry charges
- added option to warn on zero jewelry charges
- added option to remember all window sizes and positions
- added overload and divine potion timers
- added new themes
- added option to change path for screenshots/videos/gifs
- screenshots/videos/gifs are all now separated by account
- fixed memory leak with gif player
v8.5.11 (10 Sep 2019)
- attempted fixing a bug #2
v8.5.10 (8 Sep 2019)
- standard spellbook freezes are not halved anymore
v8.5.9 (5 Sep 2019)
- attempted fixing a bug
v8.5.8 (1 Sep 2019)
- disabled some features in LMS
v8.5.7 (11 Aug 2019)
- fixed menu entry swap issue with Cast
v8.5.6 (9 Aug 2019)
- fixed having right-click Attack in some undesired cases
v8.5.5 (8 Aug 2019)
- added option to always right-click Attack/Cast for not attackable players
- increased scrolling speed in world list
- removed deadman safe zones from client's world map
- fixed failing to connect with Discord when name containing special characters
- fixed bank item hover overlay not showing up for items in the bottom
- fixed audio recorder
v8.5.4 (2 Jul 2019)
- fixed right clicking menus for Mac
- fixed tb timer for own player
v8.5.3 (2 June 2019)
- separated valuable and selected ground items, made colors customizable
- separated settings of screenshots on player kills for single and multi areas
- added setting for delay of bank item value on mouse hover
- loot message is now updated on value adjustment
- moved friendly and enemy counters to the overlays menu
- disabled looting helper in clan wars
- fixed sotd timer
v8.5.2 (10 May 2019)
- fixed losing kdr data #2

v8.5.1 (5 May 2019)
- fixed losing kdr data
v8.5.0 (4 May 2019)
- upgraded to java 12, java 8 wont work anymore
- kdr tracker improvements:
 * item quantities over 65k will be adjusted after looting/putting into looting bag
 * added copy image to clipboard for loot items
 * added item names on mouse hover for loot items
 * added right click menu for removing selected kills/deaths
- added ctrl+v text paste ability to login screen and in game chat
- added clan chat join/leave messages
- added looting bag value overlay (only remembering the value after opening it)
- changed the position/text of the clan chat counter temporarily
v8.4.11 (21 Apr 2019)
- improved target hitpoints bar
v8.4.10 (19 Apr 2019)
- improved target hitpoints bar
- fixed bug with calculation of items on death
- fixed missing knockout hit on screenshots
v8.4.9 (10 Apr 2019)
- added option to auto screenshot player kills on knockout (it will work even when it is not your loot)
- added placeholder texts to world lists till they are loaded
- disabled inventory overlays while looting bag is open
- disabled attackable enemy player filter in dmm
- disabled level range overlay in dmm
- tile indicator overlay now disappears after a few seconds
- calculation of items lost on death is now more accurate
- reset the clan chat member cache time to 15 seconds, can be disabled by setting it to 0
- fixed pausing and continuing timers while using multiple accounts
v8.4.8 (31 Mar 2019)
- fixed bug with low detail mode
- fixed bug with color pickers
v8.4.7 (31 Mar 2019)
- added low detail mode
v8.4.6 (24 Mar 2019)
- fixed some performance issue
v8.4.5 (24 Mar 2019)
- added items tracker to kdr tracker
- fixed showing incorrect numbers in clan chat tab
- fixed blocking slayer task block action
v8.4.4 (18 Mar 2019)
- readded setting for overlays rendering quality
v8.4.3 (18 Mar 2019)
- added discord rpc authentication:
 * can connect with discord via game integration, without authorizing in browser
 * can still use browser oauth too to connect with discord
- added option for not keeping aspect ratio in stretched mode
- enemy player overlays now work in clan wars with level range filter on
v8.4.2 (12 Mar 2019)
- fixed right click lookup in friends tab
v8.4.1 (24 Feb 2019)
- fixed defense mode blocking for chins
v8.4.0 (24 Feb 2019)
- added drag and drop support to media browser
 * screenshots, videos and gifs
 * multiple elements from lists together
- screenshots and gifs are now scaled up to the window size
- added ability to move some of the in-game widgets
- added setting for clan chat members cache time used by friendly players (default is now 300 seconds)
- fixed opening mirror client
v8.3.1 (11 Feb 2019)
- fixed high cpu usage issue
v8.3.0 (10 Feb 2019)
- added lvl 30 teleport lines
- added warning on/disabling attack modes giving attack xp
- added charge timer
- added imbued heart timer
- added copy image to clipboard button in screenshot viewer
- added team cape number in player death logs
- added more logging for recorder
- fixed occasionally not working clan chat logger
- fixed notifications for auto uploading screenshots
v8.2.8 (24 Jan 2019)
- fixed hitpoints timer
v8.2.7 (24 Jan 2019)
- fixed world hopper
v8.2.6 (21 Jan 2019)
- fixed terminating java process on exit
v8.2.5 (19 Jan 2019)
- added option to take screenshots automatically on duel arena losses
- fixed taking screenshot on kills, levelups and duel arena wins
- fixed scrolling in portal nexus screen
v8.2.4 (14 Jan 2019)
- fixed saving prayer book settings
- fixed standard spellbook spell names in layout editor

v8.2.3 (13 Jan 2019)
- fixed timers
v8.2.2 (10 Jan 2019)
- removed snowing animation
v8.2.1 (7 Jan 2019)
- fixed and improved special attack timer
- fixed defence column in xp tracker compare

v8.2.0 (6 Jan 2019)
- added tile marker
- added team cape option for friendly players
- added zero charge for ring of wealth
- added friends/ignores tool to view and export lists
- added mouse hover for G.E offer buttons showing the exact values
- added message only notification type
- added save all/load all to lists to easily sync data between two running clients
- added settings for bank/G.E related features
- added setting for highlighting ground items in right-click menus
- xp tracker improvement: failed lookups are not added
- timers improvement: antifire, antipoison and stamina timers now pause on logout and separated for accounts
- tb timers on other players are now removed on hopping
- looting helper counters are now removed on hopping
- disabled kill value messages and kdr tracker in dmm worlds
- fixed rune pouch numbers
- fixed lookup for names containing images
- fixed bug with taking a screenshot for the first time not getting saved
- fixed cropping client size on startup 
v8.1.2 (18 Dec 2018)
- turned off hit drops in deadman
- fixed always right-click Attack in deadman 
v8.1.1 (10 Dec 2018)
- fixed display names for snipes
v8.1.0 (10 Dec 2018)
- added snowing animation on login screen
- added xp/hit drop customization: font size, color, outlined, centered
- added color picker for tile indicator
- added option to always right-click Attack in PvP world safe areas
- kdr tracker improvements:
 * added total kills/death value columns
 * added summary info for selected rows
- tb timer on own player is now reset on hop/logout
- fixed small bugs with players overlay 
v8.0.1 (2 Dec 2018)
- fixed bug with menu entry swapping of Attack option for players
v8.0.0 (1 Dec 2018)
- added discord oauth login, removed forum login
- added discord rich presence
- added option to remember client position and size
- added world filters to worlds sidebar
- added tile indicator overlay
- added cannon double hit spots overlay
- added combat/defense filters for enemy players
- added friendly and enemy players counter
- added counter to ignores tab
- added zoom overlay to the compass, removed zoom slider from menubar
- added new themes, reworked the gui
- added loading spinner to stats lookup
- menu entry swapping improvements
 * added option to right-click Cast for npcs when always right-click Attack is on
 * added option to left-click looting while holding down Shift key
 * moving down Attack will prefer moving Take to top from now on
- notifications is now hidden in menubar when not used
- idle notification timer is now extended to 300 seconds
- improved startup process and error handling
- improved hiscores lookup caching
- removed ingame maps from menu
- removed tools sidebar, merged players and names sidebars
- removed ok/apply from settings, changes will take effect immediately now
- fixed temp directory access on linux
- fixed highlight colors in world tracker
- fixed caching clan chat members as friendlies
- disabled show heap memory usage temporarily

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